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.... in the living room! Located at an altitude of just over 700 m, in an area that still appears healthy, local products are offered here without exception. Starting with their own beef, cows that are only allowed to keep their milk ready for their calves to be reared, homemade cheese, meat, spinach or mixed pasta, all pastries from their own kitchen, smoked and sausage products and fish from the Region, seasonally hunted game from the Nockberge by the host, bread that is lovingly kneaded and baked, through to the home-grown salad from our own garden, you can indulge in full enjoyment at the "Zechnerin". Even the wines are sourced locally, knowing full well that they have long been an insider tip. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the “waterway” can be found very close by. An almost archaic natural paradise in Central Carinthia, which can be climbed from Glantschach up to Hart. Past innumerable mill ruins, repeatedly interrupted by small waterfalls, all the way up to the large, picturesque waterfall. And if you then branch off about halfway to make a detour to the "Zechnerin", you can be assured that you can recharge your culinary batteries there so that you can either continue on your way or stay because he feels comfortable all around. As is tradition, the whole family works with a lot of dedication to convey to the guest what they see as the top priority, namely to pamper the guest and give them a cozy feeling of welcome culture for a few hours.

Esskulturwirt die Zechnerin

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